Helpful Terminal/Command Line options for the Monitoring Client

Force the Monitoring Client to report now:

sudo /Library/MonitoringClient/RunClient -F

 Force the Monitoring Client to check for software updates:

sudo /Library/MonitoringClient/RunUpdater -F

 Disable the Auto-Update check:

/usr/bin/defaults write /Library/MonitoringClient/ClientSettings Update_Enabled -bool false

 Remove the Monitoring Client from the computer:

/Library/MonitoringClient/Utilities/RemoveClient -F

Note: The -F switch is case sensitive.

Change the Group

(Note: replace GROUP_NAME with the desired Group name)

/usr/bin/defaults write /Library/MonitoringClient/ClientSettings ClientGroup -string "GROUP_NAME"

 Change the Time Machine warning threshold

(Note: you can replace 10 with a number from 1-99)

defaults write /Library/MonitoringClient/PluginSupport/check_time_machine_settings Days_Until_Warning -int 10

Toggle Time Machine monitoring Off/On

(Note: false = off, true = on)

defaults write /Library/MonitoringClient/PluginSupport/check_time_machine_settings Warning_Enabled -bool false

Adjust Root Volume Capacity Warning

(Note: default is 90%)

defaults write /Library/MonitoringClient/PluginSupport/check_root_capacity_settings Root_Warn_Level -int 90

Disable a plugin completely

defaults write /Library/MonitoringClient/ClientSettings PluginsDisabled -array-add "check_[service-to-ignore].plugin"

Locate the actual plugin name in /Library/MonitoringClient/Plugins To disable time machine (a common request):

defaults write /Library/MonitoringClient/ClientSettings PluginsDisabled -array-add "check_time_machine.plugin"

Disable a plugin for a user

/usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c "Set :Users_To_Monitor:administrator bool false" /Library/MonitoringClient/PluginSupport/check_daylite_client_settings.plist"

This command would stop reporting for the user "administrator' for the Daylite Client plugin.  

Disable reboot notifications (if it was already enabled):

defaults write /Library/MonitoringClient/PluginSupport/check_reboot_time_settings Warn_On_Reboot -bool false

About the PreferencePane's display:

All commands must be sent as root, and doing so will cause the files to become unreadable by the logged-in user.

This will not cause a problem with normal reporting, however it does have an undesired cosmetic side effect when viewing the PreferencePane (ie during testing of the results).

The normal hourly run of the agent will correct the permissions, and also converts the binary formatted files to the preferred xml format.

You can force a report (and plist updating) via this command: 

sudo /Library/MonitoringClient/RunClient -F

Then, re-open System Preferences to verify your changes.


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