How to restore *just one iTunes playlist* from Time Machine?


  1. Locate and save a copy, locally on your computer, of a library.itl file that would contain the playlist you need. I'd suggest saving to your desktop. name it so you'll recognize it as the old library file.
  2. Quit iTunes if open, and relaunch, holding down the Option key immediately after
  3. when prompted, select "Choose Library"
  4. Find the file you saved in step 1. this will launch iTunes with all the old playlists and such. Don't worry, it doesn't touch the actual songs themselves, so nothing is lost of from your current library.
  5. Find the playlist(s) you want, right click on them and export. save them as .txt file (again, suggest desktop for ease)
  6. Once all playlists you want to restore are saved, quit iTunes.
  7. Launch iTunes, again pressing Option immediately after
  8. Select "Choose Library" and select the Music -> iTunes -> iTunes Library.itl file. This will restore iTunes to the most current copy of your library
  9. Select File -> Library -> Import Playlist and find the .txt file for your playlist on your desktop. et voila!
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